Cookies Policy

Effective: July 31, 2018

This website ( (the “Site”) is operated by or on behalf of Promethean, Inc. (“Promethean”, “we”, “us”, “our”). Promethean is a Delaware corporation with our principal office at 801 Second Avenue, Suite 1310, Seattle, Washington 98104. This Site is operated by Promethean and has been created to provide information about Promethean and our online video education services, mobile applications and related services (together with the Site, the “Services”) to our Service visitors (“you”, “your”). This Privacy Policy sets forth Promethean's policy with respect to information including personally identifiable data (“Personal Data”) and other information that is collected from visitors to the Site and Services.

When we use the word “Service” in this Cookies Policy, we mean (i) the Service(s) available at or other such URL as determined by the User’s locale; and (ii) all the other related websites, products, services, and applications made available by Promethean or any of the companies affiliated with Promethean.

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Any terms we use here without defining them shall have the definitions given to them in the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy. In the event of any inconsistency between the Terms of Service and this Cookies Policy, the Terms of Service shall take precedence.

About Cookies

The Site and Service uses cookies. By registering to use the Service, you consent to Promethean’s use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy. Cookies are files sent by web servers to a user’s web browser, and stored by the user’s web browser. The information is then sent back to the server each time the browser requests a page from the server. This enables a web server to identify and track web browsers. There are two main kinds of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are deleted from your computer when the user closes the browser, whereas persistent cookies remain stored on your computer until deleted or until they reach their expiry date.

How And Why We Use Cookies

Promethean uses cookies to help us understand how visitors interact with our Service and Site, to allow for payment of the Services, and to improve our Service and Site.

How To Delete Unwanted Cookies

Most internet browsers accept cookies automatically, but if you would like to opt out of receiving cookies from Promethean, you can change the settings of your browser to:

  • reject all cookies;
  • only accept cookies from “trusted” sites; or
  • only accept cookies from websites that you are currently on.

We strongly recommend that you leave the cookies activated, however, if you turn off cookies in your browser, you may not be able to use the Site or Service.

If you would like to find out more about cookies and how to manage them, please visit or

Cookies Used By Promethean In The Service

The following lists enable you to recognize the cookies placed on your browser when you visit the Site and create an account on the Service:

Cookie NameFunctionality
ENGAGE_SESSION_TOKENAn authentication token set after a user logs in/signs up on the platform. Used to make authenticated requests to the server.
ENGAGE_USER_PROFILEA cookie, containing the basic information about a user for easy access to user profile information.

Other 3rd Party Service Cookies

We also link to other 3rd party sites in order for you to be able to access and use the Service and Site such as the Stripe payment system and Google analytics, as well as to allow you to access support and other features within the Service. These 3rd parties may store cookies on your computer by your browser.

Some of the 3rd party cookies that are used are listed below:

Cookie NameFunctionality
__stripe_midA machine identifier set by Stripe when a user atempts to enroll/purchase a course
__stripe_sidA session identifier set by stripe when a user attempts to enroll/purchase a course
__stripe_orig_propsSets the referrer of requests to Stripe when a user attempts to enroll/purchase a course.
cidA client cookie set by Stripe to track user metrics upon checkout.
countryStripe sets a country code, determined by the IP address
_gaGoogle Analytics cookie used to distinguish users. Has an expiry period of 2 years.
_gidGoogle Analytics cookie used to distinguish users. Has an expiry period of 24 hours.
_gatGoogle Analytics cookie used to throttle request rate.

Information on the cookies used by these 3rd parties can be found in the information given on these sites. Please go to the following third-party sites directly to read the information about which cookies may be stored on your computer:

Although we strive to list all cookies used by us or our technology partners, if you find a discrepancy or think that a cookie has been omitted, please contact us at