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The boundary between fiction and reality is no longer clear.

Fictional worlds, such as Star Trek, drive real-world innovation and inspire real-life careers. Liquid-metal artificial intelligences chase us around the movie screen, while simpler AI’s speak to us today through our mobile phones, navigate us around traffic, and turn the lights on and off at home. In the spirit of Jurassic Park, reputable science reports that woolly mammoths may again walk the earth. And at the same time CRISPR technology is putting evolution itself into the hands of men. Genetically engineered children and immortality itself will soon be on the table.

How do we think about this? What are the facts? How do we plan for ourselves or our families in light of all this?

That is the mission of LearningForASmallWorld. We strive to understand an increasingly complex personal, social, and scientific landscape. We are an experiment in lifelong learning. We are a global open community, a new team, seeking to understand the world we inhabit. We rely upon experts, upon science, and upon our community's critical thinking skills. There is no fake news here.

This is a place for seekers. Join us as we explore our strange world and the astonishing place it is becoming.